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Story from 1969

Barry also, very kindly, sent me a link to the BBC messageboard where someone has told a story about me from 1969 (true). The only mystery is why a conversation about Desert Island Discs and its guest ended up on the messageboard for 'The Archers'!

Here it is:

From:  Linda Fox
Date:  Wed, Aug 16 2006 12:27 am 

On Tue, 15 Aug 2006 21:51:06 GMT, Chris J Dixon wrote:

> Last week's (Michael Rosen) was a very good set of
> records though.

I missed that - must LA if it's still on. He was at Oxford the same time as me - one of those very well-known faces because he always seemed to be on the brink of getting into trouble, anti-establishment, a total wild child. I was so surprised when later he became such a cosy uncle-style figure for little children.

We had a sort of uniform called sub-fusc which was worn on very rare occasions like matriculating and graduating and formal exams. For the men it was a black suit and white shirt, white bow tie, mortar board and gown and generally they would add a white carnation. I remember seeing MR on his way to the examination schools wearing black jeans, a short black denim jacket, a bit of white rag knotted round his neck that looked suspiciously like an old bandage, and a piece of paper in his - well, where the buttonhole should be, anyway - with the words 'a carnation' written on it.









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