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We had a wonderful afternoon at the Barbican on June 5. The 'we' in question was me, Francesca Beard, Jared Louche, John Agard and Valerie Bloom. Nearly two thousand children packed into the main performance space at the Barbican and we read poems, there were two bands, singing, dancing and general fun and mayhem. The idea behind the show was that we were on a journey and each one of us represented a stop on the journey. There was a linking poem between each stop that went like this:

You gotta move it
To prove it.
Move it
to prove it.

In the plane
On the train
Take a trip
On a ship

You gotta move it
To prove it
Move it
To prove it.

Take a hike
Take a bike
Use your feet
On the street

You gotta move it
To prove it
Move it
To prove it.

Are we there?
Are we near?
We're here!

(Copyright © Michael Rosen)

And everyone joined in roaring it out. Oooh it was seriously good fun. I should have some photos of it coming my way soon. These things take some time to cook, it seems, so I'll have to wait a bit longer for them.





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