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Film about Broadway Market

Fulcrum TV is a film company I worked with to help produce the tribute video for Paul Foot. I mc'd the memorial concert and Fulcrum brought out a video of it. Now they've put together the story of how people in Hackney, where I live are fighting to keep the houses and shops in Broadway Market out of the hands of developers. It's a long and sordid history, reproduced in other parts of Hackney, other parts of the UK and other parts of the world. Quite simply, local government agencies encourage big business to come into run-down communities, wipe out all local initiatives and local buildings and bung up luxury flats, or buy-to-rent places and call it 'regeneration'. Quite often, it doesn't 'regenerate' anything. All it ends up doing is tricking and evicting long-standing tenants, often of migrant origins, subsidising some mammoth project that no local people ever asked for, and putting in high-rent payers who don't stay in the area and are often only living there part-time. Anyway, Fulcrum asked if I'd do the commentary for the film. They haven't managed to sell it yet, but here's fingers crossed.

There are two websites telling the story of what's happening in the two sites I know of, Broadway Market and Dalston.






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