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Greenhill Poems

Here are some poems by 4S at Greenhill Primary School in Sheffield based partly on my poem, 'The Bathroom Fiddler' in 'Mustard, Custard, Grumble Belly and Gravy'

Breakfast time

I'm the breakfast maker
The breakfast shaker
The breakfast creeper
down the stairs.
Breakfast time...here I come!

Reach for the Cornflakes
No, no the Rice Crispies
No, no the Weetabix
Or shall I have Coco Pops?
Uh oh...the Coco Pops are on the floor.
Uh oh...the dog's here.
Uh oh...he's going to gobble them up.

The dog's going crazy now
Running around in circles
Chasing his tail
Licking his lips.
Smash! Splash!
Milk on the floor
Milk on the dog
Milk on me.
On me.

By the Tigers



I'm the bedtime stopper
The bedtime refuser
The dawdler and the dodger!

When my Mum says
'Go to bed'
'Go to bed!'
'GO TO BED!!!!'
I dawdle up the stairs...really slowly
Sit there for a bit and watch TV
through the crack in the door.

'GO TO BED!!!'
I drag my feet into the bathroom
Play with Dad's hair gel
Put my fake spider in the sink
Draw a shaving foam face on the mirror.

Finally, I crawl into bed
And play on my DS!

By the Pumas


The Flicker

I'm the frantic flicker
The fiddling flacker
The best flicker in town.

Hold it steady
Hearts stop beating as we watch it go
Soaring through the air
Heads up...heads up
It's going to land
Take cover!
Heads down...Heads down.
'Look out...here comes Miss.'
Act normal.
Rush into your seat
Act normal.
Sit up straight

'Who flicked a bogey at Susan?'
I say nothing.
'Who flicked a bogey at Susan?'
I still say nothing.
But they all point at me..
They all point at me.
They're pointing at me.
At me.

By the Jaguars




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