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A few years ago, I was asked to run some workshops with students studying animation at the Royal College of Art. One of the students, Sam Morrison, was making a cartoon film about a laconic sort of a bloke called Henry who didn't understand why he wasn't getting on with his partner who, in turn, didn't seem to enjoy the way Henry practised heading a football in the front room. Sam asked me to do the commentary and a year or so later, late at night, I was in the kitchen and one of my kids started shouting from the other room: 'You're on the telly, Dad!' I rushed in, expecting to see my mug on the box, but no, it was Henry, and there was my voice. Sam had got a showing for Henry on BBC 2. Well, I got a note from Sam the other day saying that he was doing a sequel. Henry is now working in an office developing greetings cards. He has a great idea. Except it's not so great.

I don't want to give anything else away. I've just recorded the sound track for the film, so maybe in a year or so's time, it'll be around midnight, I'll be in the kitchen, and one of my kids will shout out, 'You're on the...' Yes, yes, you can guess the rest. Anyway, this Sam Morrison bloke is a blatantly talented young geezer. He writes, draws and rides a motorbike. He's even getting married soon. All that, huh? And so young.



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