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Home Truths

I've also just finished another run of Home Truths. People keep saying to me, who's going to take over from John Peel? Or, we heard that it was going to be Fi Glover. Would you do it, if they offered it to you? And so on and so on. All I can say is that the BBC likes to do things in its own sedate way. They didn't think that there was anyone who could or should just walk straight into John's shoes. They liked (and still do) the differences that the four main presenters and the several occasional presenters bring to the show. At present, I'm not aware of any decision having been made. That's to say, it might carry on as it is at the moment, a single presenter might be chosen, that presenter might be someone from the present team, or not! To tell the truth, I don't even know if the show itself is going to carry on. When people say to me, but that's not very good, is it? I both think and say, but that's showbiz. The entertainment business operates like that. It's very much a hire-and-fire kind of place. One moment, people might like this or that show, this or that format, this or that line-up or presenter and the next, they might cool. No one has a meal ticket for life, no one can assume that any bit of work you do, is a guarantee that the channel, or the execs will want anymore. What's more, you can never be sure that what you do or have done is actually very good. It might just be OK and no one has told you that that is all that is. If anyone working in the business doesn't like that way of going on, the best thing to do is look for another job.




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