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Jack I

Sorry, I have no food to sell, sir. I gave all that I had left
to a boy I met on the road. He was hungry.
I gave him some beans. I couldn't refuse him, poor thing.

I'm like that, sir. I'm happy that I was able to help another.
You're looking at my cow, sir. No, she's not for sale.
She's too precious to me. She comes with me wherever I go.

My dear grandmother (may she rest in peace!)
gave the cow to me on the day she died,
telling me that she will always bring me good luck.

I can see, sir, that you're still looking at her.
Yes, look into her eyes; deep, deep into her eyes
and you will see things you've never seen before.

Oh sir, no, how could I? Five gold pieces?
She means more, much more, than gold.
Twenty gold pieces. You're too kind, sir.
Take her, and may you live to love and love to live.





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