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Learning Zone Filming

I've just done some filming for the BBC as part of its Learning Zone. Three poets: Kit Wright, Valerie Bloom and myself have been performing our poems to a group of children who were living away from home at Michael Morpurgo's City Farm in Devon. The ten-year olds were chosen from all over the country and spent a week listening, writing and performing in the company of Cat Francois and Paul Lyalls along with the BBC production team.

Anyway, a set of programmes will come out of this which will certainly be broadcast in the Learning Zone, and possibly on CBBC.

It was a great day, enlivened by a brief encounter with Kit Wright in the café on Exeter Station. In fact, I have brief encounters with Kit all the time as he lives about three hundred yards from me in east London. Our conversations usually consist of what we've just read and been perplexed by. As I had just finished reading John Stubbs' fascinating book about John Donne, this is what cropped up in the café on Exeter Station.




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