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National Maritime Museum

Photos of a show I did at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich on July 19. By the way, apart from the odd experience of performing in a perfect eighteenth century echoing hall, surrounded with statues and chandeliers, there was one of those classic 'school visit' moments. About two minutes after I started, two teachers came in at the back, sat down and started to make some hats or masks for the children to wear later. This involved using sticky tape adhesive of some sort and pulling it off the reel. As you know, this makes a loud hissing noise, which in this echoing room, filled the air like a gun-shot. In between these noises, the two teachers discussed how they were going to make these hats work, so what was happening was that I was competing with a very loud model-making session.

They were quietly ushered out by one of the stewards.

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