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November Roundup

I don't think I've linked to this before but here are nine videos of me being interviewed a month after I became Laureate. It is all about such things as: writing poetry, getting published, why children like poetry, what is poetry...and so on.

Here are two pics of me and a parrot doing Word of Mouth.



At the launch of Children’s Book Week in October, the Newsround press packers met me. Click here to read the giant poem written by 200 children at the launch.

Here's the website of Basho music with news about the Nonsense and Jazz project and here's a sample of the music at an early stage in composition and rehearsal.

The Daily Mail reported me saying that poetry was being frozen out of some schools.

The story originated here in the TES.

Here's a tribute to my father, Harold Rosen.

Here's the text of the 'voices-play' I wrote that went on at the Rosemary Branch Theatre, Islington at the end of October. It's called 'Hackney Streets'.

I wrote an introduction to this year's Children's Writers' and Artists' Yearbook.

My visit to Swindon.

This is the Booktrust page on The Roald Dahl Funny Prize. The Daily Telegraph and the Guardian did reports on the prize. My speech went something like this. Here's an article about the Roald Dahl prize in the Scotsman.

Here's an interview with me talking about Pinocchio for Croydon paper. Review of 'Pinocchio' in The Stage.





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