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October 3rd

We're Going On A Bear Hunt in glorious pop-up form is coming out on the same day as Mustard, Custard, Grumble Belly and Gravy.

The Bear Hunt book is a beast. It's huge. You can almost get into it and go through the forest (my favourite page) and through the snowstorm. Some people might be sad that you don't get Helen Oxenbury's marvellous picture of the bear slouching back to his cave on the last page. There wasn't room for it, I'm afraid. That'll just have to be an interesting extra bit, that people find in the other editions.

By the way, I got a phone call from my brother-in-law telling me that Bear Hunt appeared on, wait for it, Coronation Street. Oh yes, it seems as if the Doctor (sorry I'm not up with Corry. It's East Enders for me, if I'm feeling soapy) was reading a book to his son?/daughter? and, yes, it was Bear Hunt that he was reading.

This matches my other 'appearance' when a few months ago, Kimberley from (is it Girls Aloud?) was on the Frank Skinner Show.  They showed her as a four year old sitting in the toilet and performing a poem called 'I'm Finished'.  My step-daughter saw it and was pleasingly angry on my behalf that they didn't credit me for having written 'I'm Finished'. I should say here that my children are not swots on works by MR, and no reason why they should, but it just so happens that 'I'm Finished' is about the step-daughter who was watching the Frank Skinner Show.

So, how come four year old Kimberley was performing the poem? Because we filmed it as a Schools TV show many years ago, and the Skinner Show people, or Kimberley's press gang, must have dug it out.

Meanwhile, back with October 3rd, Mustard, Custard, Grumble Belly and Gravy is the book that combines Don't Put Mustard In The Custard (out of print) with You Can't Catch Me (also out of print). There they are in one volume, with a wonderful new cover by Quentin Blake, an extra pic or two through the book and a good joke at the back. And it comes with an intro by me and a CD that I've recorded too.

So October 3rd will in effect be re-hash day when two books come out which are in effect re-hashes of three books I've already produced. So October, will see me as some kind of reheated spag bol; a tyre that's had a retread; an engine that's had a recon; a suit that's been to the dry cleaners.




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