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Radio & TV


RADIO PROGRAMMES (as writer and/or presenter and/or main guest of one or more programmes) since 1970

BBC Radio 4

Lord Byron and the Hebrew Melodies (30 mins)
Our Libraries: The Next Chapter (two 30 minute features)
Archive Hour - 'The Benjamin Broadcasts' (one hour programme about Walter Benjamin's pre-Nazi broadcasts for children)
Anne Frank's Trees: Keeping the Memory Alive (30 minute feature on memorialising the Holocaust)
Word of Mouth (1998-)
Treasure Islands
Let the Rumpus Begin (5 x 15 mins on ground-breaking children's books)
Shaking Up The Library (5 x 15 mins programmes on children's books that were firsts)
When Knights Were Bold (5 x 15 min programmes on history in children's literature)
Parsing With Passion (2 x 30 mins on history of grammar in schools)
Put Asunder (3 x 15 mins on divorce)
Hearts and Minds (1 x 30 mins) on children’s literature in totalitarian countries
On Being Wrong (3 x 15 mins)
On Saying Goodbye (3 x 15 mins on death and bereavement
Dr Seuss: Who Put The Cat In The Hat? (1 x30 mins, biography)
A Cachery of Ogden Nashery (unpublished poems from Nash's papers)
Pirates of Cologne - the Edelweisspiraten (German youth who resisted the Nazis)
Testing Times (3 x 15 mins on the testing culture)
The Palace for the People  (1 x 30) (Crystal Palace)
The Magic Lantern (2 x 30 mins on children's films
Losing the Children (30 mins on the origins of the 'Pied Piper' story)
On Being Inferior (3 x 15 mins with Dorothy Rowe)
On Being Selfish (3 x 15 mins with Dorothy Rowe)
People in the Playground Revisited (5 x 15 mins) looking at children’s play now
Dons and Dragons (30 min documentary on how Oxford produced the great fantasy writers: Lewis Carroll, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and Philip Pullman)
Home Truths Occasional presenter
Pick of the Week Occasional presenter
My Third Life (exploration of my condition of being hypothyroid) (30 mins)
Accidental Entertainers – the Brothers Grimm
(30 mins)
A Blunt Instrument (1 x 30) programme about the poet and anti-imperialist Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
Laughter Close to Tears (1 x 30) programme about jokes in totalitarian countries
Winnie the Who? (1 x 30) programme about the Russian Winnie the Pooh, Vinni Pukh
Oh My What a Rotten Song (30 mins) – programme about Weston and Lee, two songwriters who wrote either separately or together songs like ‘Henery the Eighth I am’ and ‘When Father Painted the Parlour’ – contributors included Roy Hudd, Dennis Norden, Billy Bragg, Charles Chilton
Go4it – guest on programme about Dickens
Go4it – guest on programme about bereavement
Quote Unquote -guest
Frequent appearances on
Jeremy Vine Show (including week’s guest as commentator on poll to find best bedtime story book) , Simon Mayo Show (Radio 2),
PM, Today, Front Row (Radio 4)
Nightwaves including review of biography of Isaac Rosenberg; re-opening of Whitechapel Art Gallery (Radio 3)
[Storytelling in Paris] (not actual title) 30 minute documentary of me taking some children from John Scurr Primary to Paris for an international festival of storytelling, produced by Jill Burridge in about 1987

BBC Radio 3

BBC Proms Family Matinee: The Big Proms Bear Hunt
Zola in Norwood
(45 minute programme about the 11 months that Emile Zola spent in London when he was on the run from a prison sentence for libelling the military court with 'J'Accuse'
Best Words - a poetry series I presented and wrote that ran from 1994-1997
An Ugly Duckling? - Hans Christian Andersen.
The Brothers Grimm
Maurice Sendak
Joan Littlewood
– a profile (30 mins)
In Search of Hans Christian Andersen (30 mins)
Lingua Franca for ‘The Essay’  (12x15mins on history of European languages)

BBC World Service

Poems by Post later becoming specialised editions of 'The Word' (1989-)
Art of the Spanish Civil War
Meridian Books
Presenter 1992-1996
Life and work of Bertolt Brecht
Meridian Masterclass - Le Corbusier
Stuff –
five programmes about artists working with different materials – glass, clay etc

BBC Schools Radio (1970-2005)

Living Language
Poetry Corner
Stories and Rhymes
Verse Universe
That’d Be Telling

TELEVISION (as writer and/or presenter of one or more programmes) 1970-2002

Schools Television

Channel 4

Rosen's Poetry Attic
Just Write
Eureka: The Secret Life of Schools

Teachers TV

Michael Rosen on Literacy (45 mins)
Reading Aloud
(15 x 15mins on enjoying reading)

Schools TV

Middle English
The English Programme
Talk, Write and Read

Children's TV

Channel 4

Everybody Here (30 programmes)
Black and White and Read All Over (6 programmes)


Cbeebies – guest reader of 5 stories (not by me), can be viewed on YouTube
Blue Peter – occasional appearances including ‘training’ presenters to perform poetry


Guest on ‘Bookaboo’ reading a story (not by me).

Mainstream TV

BBC 4 and BBC 2

Writer presenter on Heath Robinson: Suburban Subversive (profile) - November and December 2003
Just Read –  writer, present: I went to a school in Cardiff to start a ‘reading revolution’. (February 9 2009) Producer Deborah Perkin  (1 x 45 mins)
We Need Answers – guest on jokey quiz show, guest with Germaine Greer
Never Mind the Full Stops – guest on quiz show about languag


Mind Games


Contributor and judge in Off By Heart


Critic for Newsnight Review November 2003, January 2004

Channel 5

Michael Rosen’s Treasury of Children’s Literature
(one hour documentary on the Seven Stories Museum of Children’s Literature in Newcastle)
The Wright Stuff
I've been appearing on Matthew Wright's The Wright Stuff programme on Channel Five. Matthew asks me to talk about children's books and I take phone calls from viewers.

And regular appearances or guest slots on
BBC Breakfast News
News 24
Channel 4 News
Daily Politics Show
Sky Arts Book Show




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