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Reading Aloud

We've just finished filming the second series of this programme that goes out on Teachers TV. People say to me, what is Teachers TV? Where is it? When is it? TTV is an independent TV station funded by the government but independent from it, managed by an old acquaintance of mine, Andrew Bethell. I'm not sure who gets it on their TV sets but I get it via digital TV that is piped into our house via cable. It comes in on channel 240.

Reading Aloud is a fifteen minute programme about books that teachers can use in the classroom but also included a segment that is a discussion about any book that people in education might enjoy reading. This might be because it has educational interest, like Howard Gardner's 'Multiple Intelligences' book, or because, in some general way, it might interest the human being who happens to be a teacher - a book like 'Spies' by Michael Frayn, 'The Rainbow' by D.H. Lawrence.

When we're looking at books that teachers might want to use in the classroom, the programme takes a look at what a teacher has actually done with the children he or she has been teaching, and then I have a conversation with that teacher where he or she explains why and how they came to do what they did.

We also talk to individual writers like Jacqueline Wilson or Malory Blackman and look at any activity that might interest teachers interested in reading matters, like say, West Bromwich Albion Football Club's literacy initiative.

We don't film in a studio but Waterstone's in Birmingham let us use their store to shoot all the 'links' from there. This means I do a lot of talking and walking round bookshelves, in and out of the shop, or creeping round the pillars and arches of the store. The building itself is quite an oddity. It used to be a bank and was clearly built in the grand style that banks in the nineteenth century believed helped create the correct reverence for filthy lucre.

As you can see from the pix, I'm clad in a particularly fetching shirt, supplied by the great little outfit that put the show together, Television Junction. You can see them in the group shot being singularly unself-conscious, ahem ahem. (Many thanks to Rebecca from the Television Junction team for the photographs.

If you want to see what's on Reading Aloud on Teachers TV then follow this link as they're streaming programmes on there now.


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