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I did it . . . er well, not quite

I opened the Rosen Reading Room at Edmund Waller Primary School. Of course, it could just possibly be named after all the other Michael Rosens there are in the world . . . like Charles Rosen, the word expert on music (no relation of mine), Michael Rosen, the world famous philosopher (not me), Michael J. Rosen, the world famous writer of children's books (not me - a very nice American guy from Ohio who I met once. I'm Michael Wayne Rosen, so we're not the same people), Michael Rosen, the professor of percussion (not me), Michael Rosen, the world famous record producer and one-time performer in the folk-rock band Eclection (not me), Michael Rosen, the world famous expert in how to put people to sleep (not me, though I tend to put my family to sleep. This guy is an anaesthetist.) And there are others, believe me.

Anyway, that's all beside the point. The school was very welcoming and the Mayor of Lewisham was there with his beautiful gold necklace (I think it's called a chain) and there was a sensational red ribbon. I didn't cut it entirely by myself. The school thought that it would be too hard for me to do on my own, so a boy who has been tremendously brave in overcoming a terrible illness did it. (I forgot to ask his permission to mention his name here.)

Then they played a piece of music called Fanfare for the Common People (or was it the Common Man? I'm not very good on titles.) It was by Aaron Copeland. And when the drum rolls sounded out, it made people jump. The head said that he had chosen that piece because 'we're all equal. Think about it.' I did.

After the ceremony, they served up CHOCOLATE CAKE. Good, or what? And then the headteacher showed me a kind of huge tree house-walkway thing that they're constructing. They're going to have to put up a sonar device to keep the foxes away, otherwise they'll burrow underneath it all. I once saw a fox when I was going to see Arsenal play. As foxes are red, I wondered if it was a supporter.

So, thanks very, very, very much to Edmund Waller School.  




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