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Some Questions from a Year 1 Class With My Answers

Why are your poems so funny? Adam (5)
Hello Adam. I find myself laughing a lot at the things I see and hear. So maybe that funny stuff ends up in my poems.

How are you so clever? Ruby (5)
Oh Ruby, thank you, but you know everyone is clever at something. Some people are really clever at being nice to other people. Some people are clever at remembering what they did when they were very young. Some people are clever at knowing how to enjoy themselves. There are lots of different ways of being clever.

How many books have you written? Stan (6)
Hello Stan, I'm very sorry, but I've never counted. I don't know! Really!

Where do you get your ideas from? Bertie (6)
Hi Bertie, I get my ideas from the things I remember, the things I see, the things I hear, the things I say, the things other people say and the things that I imagine. I also get some ideas from the things that I read, or see on TV, in the theatre or at the cinema.

Why do you write poems? Amy (6)
Hello Amy. I think poems are good way to remember things, they're a good way to keep people interested in the way we are the way we are.

How long does it take you to write a poem? Oliver (5)
Sometimes, Oliver, they take ages and ages because I can't get them to sound right and other times they take just a few minutes.

Do you like eating vegetables? Sylvie (6)
Yes, Sylvie. Best of all I like French tomatoes, chick peas and Turkish cucumbers.

What's your favourite outfit? Kian (5)
Hello Kian. Jeans, t-shirt and a loose sweat shirt or jumper.

What's your favourite poem? Isaac (6)
Hello Isaac. I like some poems by Edward Lear, some poems by Carl Sandburg, some poems by William Shakespeare. Your teacher might be able to find some by these authors and see if you like them too.

Do you like helping children? Sam (5)
Yes I do, Sam. My parents did too. They were teachers. So perhaps I got the idea of helping children from them.

What's your favourite colour? Jude (6)
Dark blue, Jude.




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