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Teachers Channel Schedule

The third series of 'Reading Aloud' the programmes I've done for Teachers TV are going out this term.

Here's the latest schedule:

Prog 1   Tues 31 Oct, 2030 hours
Prog 2   Tues 7 Nov, 2030 hours
prog 3   Tues 14 Nov, 2030 hours
Prog 4   Tues 21 Nov, 2030 hours
Prog 5   Thurs 30 Nov, 1230 hours - why this is a different day and time no one seems able to explain but I'm assured it's correct!
Prog 6   Tues 5 Dec, 2030 hours

Dates are for each prog's first tx and from this date the prog becomes downloadable from the TTV website too. And of course the progs will all get repeated but I'm afraid not sure when.

Full details are here.




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