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What I've Been Asked and What I've Said

Rather than repeating myself too often, I thought that the best thing for me to do is post up here some of the links to long interviews that people have done with me.

Here's what Nicholas Tucker wrote in the Independent: "Interview: Why Michael Rosen will Relish Being the Children's Laureate", The Independent, 2007-07-20.

Here's an article from the Telegraph by Cassandra Jardine. "As Teenagers, My Boys Read Football Programmes...", The Telegraph, 2007-06-21.

And here's one from The Scotsman.

Picture: Graham Jepson

At tiny paragraph in The Times.

And another one in The Financial Times (!)

There's also an article in the most recent issue of 'Child Education' but I don't think this is online. It comes in this issue which incidentally has a terrific feature on one of my favourite poets, Valerie Bloom.



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